Swarm Autonomy

Awareness, Solidarity, Dynamic Configuration


Why Swarm Autonomy?

The biggest challenge of modern factories is to deliver the right raw material, components, WIPs, or even finished goods at the right time to the right place. A swarm of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) managed by a swarm robot system(SRS) can increase productivity by reducing the amount of time spent waiting and further reduce the cost of warehouse operations.


Swarm Robot System

The ROS 2/DDS based Fleet Management System

Our swarm robotics system(SRS) is a multi-robot management system, which consists of many homogeneous/ heterogeneous autonomous robots without centralized controllers. When a task given to this system needs more than one single robot to achieve, cooperative behavior will exhibit by an autonomous mechanism, which is through the interactions among robots or with the equipment in an environment.

The swarm robotics system (SRS) performs the complete and decentralized management of the robot fleet, allowing the operator to manage the different mobile robotics systems from several kinds of devices through Data Distribution Service(DDS) communication technology based on ROS 2.




Combines data locally sensed by the robots in a swarm into a big global picture, allowing the swarm to make collective decisions such as avoiding obstacles beforehand



Allows a swarm of robots to autonomously classify tasks and to allocating an appropriate robot or more to perform a specific task.


Dynamic reconfiguration

Allows the swarm to replicate/replace the task to any robots to optimize task performance. Any faults caused by deficiencies of individual robots, the swarm can also automatically recover.


What is Swarm Autonomy?

Swarm autonomy, applied to robotics, is an emerging field of AI inspired by the behavioral models of social insects (ants, bees, wasps). A swarm combines the power of many minds into one, allowing the system to be smarter, more insightful, and more creative. This trait is transforming robotics, enabling physical robots to achieve a desired collective behavior based on inter-robot interactions as well as their interaction with the environment.

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FARobot, established in 2020, is a strategic robotic company joint venture by FOXCONN(TAIEX 2317) and ADLINK(TAIEX 6166). Our advanced swarm robot system(SRS) and autonomous mobile robot(AMR) solutions can change the application of mobile vehicles among different industrial workflows, such as production, warehousing, retail, and medical process.

By adopting the latest swarm autonomy technology, FARobot's AMR robot solutions can boost the industrial efficiency and productivity significantly by helping companies to overcome the challenges of process-streamlining, distributed storage areas management, and the integration of software and hardware systems. FARobot's unique AMR solutions are featured with swarm collaboration, task failover, and performance optimization to enable the customers to deploy their strategy. FARobot will uphold its commitment by giving full play to its advantages of integrating the latest technology and providing high-quality customer service.



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