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Automated enterprise material handling with Swarm Autonomy.

FARobot Swarm Autonomy reduces AMR, AGV and equipment idle time, increases factory and warehouse throughput and standardize the onboarding of new robots.

Automated enterprise material handling

FARobot’s design, manufacture and distribute Swarm Autonomy solutions and Swarm Ready equipment's including its own SMR robots.


We enable every team to create their own solutions, automate, scale, diversify, downscale and scale back, from one single software platform.

Factory and
logistic center


Automate your material flow

Connect all your equipment and robots under one platform and reduce your integration and maintenance cost. Explore Swarm Autonomy on your own and leverage our integration and installation partner network.


Only use the best robots

With our Swarm Core you have the choice to use the best robot brand for each of your task and each of your location. Leverage our Swarm Ready partner network.


Optimize your operation cost

Our solution is your tool to for continuous improvement at the lowest possible cost, time and risk.

Leverage our team expertise to understand where to start.


Integrators and reseller

Focus on the solution

Swarm Autonomy allows you to design productive workflow in dynamic environment. Its standard protocol saves you manpower and reduces integration risk.


Consolidate all your brands

FARobot gives you the tool to integrate equipment’s and 3rd party robots easily. This is the freedom you need to sell the best fitting combination of equipment for every use case.


Powerful SMR robots

Our SMR Series offers a perfect high-quality, high-safety start point for your AMR projects. Upgrade it with customized top modules, set up automated charging and tune their precision to mm level, with ease.


In the roaring 20’, easy automation is what everyone wants.

Swarm Autonomy delivers just that.

Join the Swarm to access new opportunities with FARobot.

Joint the Swarm to access new opportunities with FARobot.

-  A robot manufacturer 

-  A reseller and/or integrator 

-  An installer

-  An automation equipment manufacturer

-  A distributor

-  A university 

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12F.-3, No. 700, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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