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What is Swarm Autonomy? 

Inspired by the self-organized collaboration pattern of various insect swarms in food sourcing, FARobot has incorporated the essence into an automated workflow management solution that is brand-agnostic, environment-based, and event-responsive. The solution comprises the following four benefits: 


Dynamic decision-making

Automated iteration on logistic bottleneck and resource shortage based on environmental adaptive AI planning.

Resilient workflow

OT-CT-IT-level control ensures 247 operations despite unexpected network and equipment issues occur.

Agile workforce

Easy scalability with the

all-in-one universal Swarm Protocol for limitless applications.

Hybrid fleet

Unite and supervise robot brands and geo-distributed fleet to release the full power of automated robotics.


Watch the demo video to see how Swarm Autonomy enables hybrid fleet collaboration in E2E processing, from inbound transport and sorting, to palletizing, assembly, and outbound delivery. 

SWARM CORE® Software at a glance


SWARM CORE® software orchestrates robotics and IoT collaboration in route, traffic, and task planning and execution, enhancing materials transport efficiency within factories or warehouses. 

It optimizes enterprises’ capital expenditures (CapEx) by retrofitting existing IT and OT infrastructure for intralogistics automation purposes.  


Python-based framework for easy integration of limitless applications with Swarm Wrappers and Swarm API. 


Multi-level resilient system for dynamic task matchmaking, scheduling, and recovery. 


Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 5G (by request) supported.








Agile integration

Data is often locked in silos of different formats…


The technical complexity increases when adding robotic automation to existing legacy systems and equipment. Data is often locked in silos of different formats and configurations, resulting in poor data transparency and decision quality. SME manufacturers and system integrators also struggle with the lack of updated skillsets and hence hinder adoption of automation and digital transformation.


SWARM CORE® facilitates an all-in-one platform to synchronize data communication across different brands of IT and OT systems, robots, factory IoT, and equipment. Users can simply plug and deploy all engaged assets, such as FARobot's SMR series or a hybrid fleet composed of multi-brand robots. This greatly reduces the amount of setup and changeover time required and enhances the ROI of existing infrastructure. 

Agile planning

Allocate and schedule the workforce of hybrid fleet can be simple with SWARM CORE®'s one unified UI that converges mapping, fleet management, and traffic control.

Storage layer
Route layer
Contour layer
Multi-layer map
Multi-brand fleet
Unified traffic
control rule

Multi-layer map allows for all-in-one navigation planning including storage cell, route, and contour. This reduces configuration time for route optimization and enhances travel throughput. 

Multi-brand hybrid fleet setup: Task flow parameters such as travel and behavior rules can be set in a simple drag-and-drop menu to ensure seamless interoperability across multi-brand robots, factory equipment, and control systems.

Multi-robot traffic control: Users can regulate the flow of each fleet member at critical positions, ensuring efficient, collision-free, and adaptive operations in different environments.

The graphical user interface (GUI) enables users to create and configure workflows visually, without requiring them to write code. For instance, users can set up the workflow logic by matching AMRs with capabilities of 250kg payload and lifting, and the needed tasks of moving and lifting cargo weighing up to 250kg with racks, ensuring that the right workforce is assigned to the right task at the right time and place.


Moreover, the GUI facilitates intuitive workflow automation setup by allowing users to drag and drop key parameters such as pre-defined navigation graphs, condition triggers, level of importance, and sequence...etc.


Agile operation

In the past few years, production operations have required a high level of human intervention based on past experiences and onsite events. Thanks to streamlined data sharing aross all assets powered by decentralized and P2P low-latency communication, SWARM CORE® can perform dynamic decision-making as below featured that allows for more proactive onsite handling with minimal human intervention:

Map live view allows for real-time monitoring and notification to instantly remove onsite issues. This is particularly helpful for constrained and narrow spaces. 

Obstacle avoidance facilitates unblocked and safe fleet travel, e.g. if a robot encounters an accidentally misplaced object, the robots in the fleet will reroute, and the un-reroutable robot will stop.  

User-definable error handling programs means that SWARM CORE® ensures fail-save and resilient workflows by dispatching the right robot to the right place at right time.


Agile optimization

Many factors can affect production resilience, such as equipment or human failure and network stability. SWARM CORE® ensures consistent and reliable 24/7 operation to avoid wasting time and money for both machinery and the human workforce. The multi-level mechanism includes:

Quality of Service (QoS)-based execution ensures data availability and optimizes flow-by-flow throughput, reducing materials wait time, and maximizing OEE. 

Keep your robotic system up to date with Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for future-proof capabilities addressing the fast-paced production trend. 

Relevant data across all assets throughout the workflows are stored with high data availability and transparency, allowing for error analytics and further usability of data-driven decision-making.

The pre-defined task re-sequencing rules synchronize remaining robotic progressions when the workflow experiences extended downtime, eliminating the need for redundant backup systems and dedicated manpower for 24/7 system monitoring, as well as the risk of a system shutdown.

Swarm tools

Users can save up to 40% of integration and scale-up time for up to 100 robots each fleet and up to 10 hybrid fleets, thanks to Swarm tools, including the Swarm API and Swarm Wrapper. These tools unify data sharing with one universal Swarm Protocol across all assets used in automated workflows: 

Swarm API

A FARobot's open Restful application programming interface, which enables seamless service requests and responses between extended applications and robot fleets.

Swarm Wrapper

A FARobot's software adapter that facilitates system integration and control for AMR-integrated workflows. It connects and translates major industrial interfaces and standards e.g. controller, PLC, I/O gateway into FARobot’s Swarm Protocol.

Swarm Protocol

Converted by Swarm Wrapper or Swarm API from disparate industrial communication protocols, it is a DDS-based FARobot's proprietary protocol which ensures safe real-time data sharing and P2P device communication across robots, devices, IT and OT systems.






Learn how to simplify automated materials handling with FARobot’s developer-friendly tools, Swarm Wrapper and Swarm API.

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Intralogistics automation made easy. 
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