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FARobot is a joint venture founded by FOXCONN (TWSE: 2317) and ADLINK (TWSE: 6166), based in Taipei and focused on DDS-empowered robotic technology. Our patented SWARM CORE® platform enables agile collaboration among different types of operating equipment, as well as IT, OT, and IoT devices from various partners. Along with its Swarm Mobile Robot (SMR) series, the Swarm Autonomy solution introduces game-changing intralogistics automation and enhances optimized efficiency in manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare sectors.


Our brand story

Our brand name FARobot consists of the word “robot”, plus the letters “F” and “A”, which represent our founders FOXCONN and ADLINK, with our strong roots in applications and innovations. The capitalized "FAR" shows our determination to operate in a sustainable mission and to improve our everyday activities in a comprehensive fashion. Our logo integrates three shapes: a hexagon, a cube, and a red triangle.

Inspired by the beehive, the HEXAGON represents FARobot’s resilience and our ability to provide optimized intralogistics solutions.

The CUBE symbolizes building blocks, which are analogous to the flexibility and scalability of our patented SWARM CORE technology.

Red TRIANGLES stand for our leadership in technology and our wholehearted commitment to service.

About FARobot

Join the Swarm spirit

Join FARobot to shape the future of smart manufacturing and logistics through robotic automation. We're a fast-growing company that's dedicated to developing the Swarm workforce with cutting-edge technologies that add value to our end-users, system integrators, and channel partners.


As part of our team, you'll work on innovative projects that have a meaningful impact on the industry. You'll collaborate with talents from diverse backgrounds and work closely with our partners to design and develop solutions and gain experience and insights in areas such as robotics, automation, software development, and engineering.


Dual career path

Glittering gold never loses its shine. Our dual-track grade promotion system paves the way not only for management, but also for professional talent to advance and grow faster in higher positions.


We prioritize human worth and well-being, promote mutual assistance and caring, and foster teamwork and shared growth. Through our innovative robotic solution, we strive to maximize social welfare and contribute to society.


We cultivate innovation by embracing diverse opinions, respecting differences, encouraging new ideas, and daring to try. We strive for comprehensive breakthroughs and improvements in technology, processes, and management.


We believe in simplifying complex technology to create a seamless user experience. We strive to stay true to our core principles and original intentions to achieve simplicity in controlling complexity.


Clearance and transparency is the cornerstone of work efficiency and integrity. At FARobot, we prioritize open and honest two-way communication to build team consensus and ensure effective execution.


We are passionate about dedicating ourselves to our work, achieving success, and pursuing excellence. We strive to continuously create world-changing technology and first-class products. 

Employee benefits

Be the epicenter of the Swarm force

Network Orchestration Systems Department

Network and Orchestration Systems Department is responsible for building Swarm Autonomy solutions that address non-standard dilemmas and provide industry-leading capabilities for robotic applications.

Technical Research Department

Technical Research Department is established to define the next generation of swarm technology by researching innovative solutions that will maintain FARobot's technological competitiveness.

Autonomous Intelligence Systems Department

The mission of FARobot's Autonomous Intelligence Systems Department is to optimize AMR platforms through the development of Swarm Mobile Robots (SMRs) and the interfacing (Swarm agent) solutions.

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