Swarm Autonomy.
Automated intralogistics
at scale.

"By applying FARobot Swarm Autonomy for material transport at our smart production site, the integration of SMRs and 3rd-party AMRs, conveyors, and top modules was fluidly synchronized via the Swarm Core platform. It maximized the equipment usage rate with minimized idle times." General manager, large manufacturing site, Taiwan

Swarm Autonomy allows for

Shorter and risk-free project development


Consolidation of

equipment's and robots


Continuous optimization of intralogistic


Automation of dynamic and highly changing material handling process


Swarm Autonomy at a glance

SWARM Devices

Cross-capability, multi-brand integration of Swarm native and Swarm ready devices.

Buy, connect and control equipment's that are interoperable with your enterprise systems.

SWARM Communication

Superior real-time, decentralized and standardized communication protocol leveraging the DDS-based Swarm Protocol.

Connect robot, PLC, controller and
edge-devices through
one unified trusted-layer.

SWARM Management

Superior traffic control, robot dispatch and workflow optimization.

Synchronize up to 1000 robots over different locations, in real-time.
Maintain best throughput
dynamically and automatically.

Swarm Protocol


- Standardized communication for a more reliable integration
- Standardized message types for an easier integration
- Customizable QoS meaning use case adaptability
- Enable full interoperability between robots and devices

- Peer-to-Peer communication to mitigate network failure

Any robots and equipment can be Swarm Ready leveraging our different integration tools.

World first decentralized real-time communication protocol

The Swarm Protocol presents several advantages

They are Swarm Ready today :
MiR / HiK  / SMR / Mitsubishi PLC / Pallet conveyor / Double conveyor and more.


The Swarm Core is powerful enterprise robotic platform.

Running on-premise and accessible from your PC, table or PDA, the Swarm Core serves your intralogistics automation need.


Manual control
and mapping


Workflow configuration
and logic design


Integration with equipment, WMS, WCS and MES.


Operation management and monitoring


Data collection and analytic


Universal control of any Swarm Ready brands

Use the robots that fits you best, different types, different brands.Integrate equipment such as elevator, conveyors, automatic doors, PLCs, the possibilities are limitless.

Onboard robots and equipment in minutes

Scan your network for Swarm Ready robots or equipment's, add them to your fleet and run your operations.

Consolidate your fleet manager over different sites

One server controls and monitor multiple fleet over different sites, simplifying IT management and minimizing data duplication risk.

Equipment and AMR interoperability at scale with Swarm Core.

Manage and optimize your intralogistics with Swarm Core.


Easy fleet management

Easy robot and equipment fleet onboarding at scale.

Drag and drop workflow design

Design complex workflow and event triggers through our user friendly UI.

Hybrid Fleet management

Consolidate and orchestrate different brands of robots and equipment from one interface.

LiveView at scale

Oversee multiple fleet in different site in real-time.

SMR Series


2 payloads: 250KG and 1000KG
3 configurations: 3 sensors and safety configurations
Top module: Integrated lift or no lift

The SMR is the most agile mobile platform in the market.

The SMR series complies with the latest AMR industry standard and is certified* EN ISO 3691-4 and CE by TUV Nord.
*EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 3691-4 ( EN 1525:1997), EN 1175 ( EN 1175-1:1998+A1:2010)

Max. speed

Run time




1.5 m/s

8 hours


870 x 600 x 272mm 


1.5 m/s

8 hours


1030 x 830 x 285mm

Download our user manual and deployment guides.
Request documentation by contacting our team.



Automated charging

Battery swap



Standard rack

Rack transportation.jpg

Customized top modules

Juluen top module.jpg

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