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Introducing FARobot’s Swarm Autonomy solution


Brand agnostic


System agnostic


Any equipment


Any task


Any environment

FARobot's Swarm Autonomy solution simplifies automated intralogistics in factories and warehouses with our patented SWARM CORE® fleet management software and Swarm Mobile Robot series. It breaks down data silos across multi-brand IT-OT-IoT systems, streamlining robotic connections, mapping, task planning, and operation. 


Thanks to our Swarm tools included in SWARM CORE® which convert various data formats and configurations into one unified protocol, you can roll out automated materials transport faster than others by managing our SMR, and even a hybrid fleet of multi-brand robots and equipment. Our solution requires no changes to your environment or infrastructure, no complex programming from your IT team, and no interruption to your ongoing operations. 

Trusted by industry leaders


Why FARobot?

Transformation during economic downturn 

As global businesses face a range of challenges, from labor shortages to rising inflation and economic uncertainty, manufacturers are eager to shift their 3D (Dull, Dirty, Dangerous) tasks to the robotic workforces and improve their competence with reduced costs and enhanced manpower value.  

Ensure supply chain resilience and stability

Founded in Taipei by World's largest electronics manufacturer FOXCONN and edge computing leader ADLINK, FARobot inherited FOXCONN's manufacturing big data and ADLINK's industrial insight into Swarm Autonomy solution and productized within only 2 years since founded. Validated by more and more fields of global industries, FARobot is proven to be one of the trustworthy partners to sustain your supply chain geographical diversity, resilience, and stability. 


P2P communication helps HMLV production





Fragmented  material stacks

Multi-shop floors

Limited routes

Dozens of processes


Hundreds of workflows


Multi-brand systems & equipment


Rising labor cost

FARobot was founded to address pain points in industrial intralogistics processes, including High-Mix-Low-Volume (HMLV) demands and complex workflows involving humans, robots, and equipment. Our patented global dynamic planning on task scheduling, combined with decentralized Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication among all working devices, empowers our clients to enhance end-to-end (E2E) production efficiency and factory Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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Intralogistics automation made easy. 
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